‘Gender-Affirming Care Is Dangerous. I Know Because I Helped Pioneer It.’

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_Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala, 58, is a Finnish-born and trained adolescent psychiatrist, the chief psychiatrist in the department of adolescent psychiatry at Finland’s Tampere University Hospital.…

The Autism Surge: Lies, Conspiracies, and My Own Kids

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In the summer of 2001 we took our younger son, two-year-old Jonathan, to the neurologist. He hadn’t developed speech, never played with toys, and had a compulsion to stare at cracks in the pavement while flapping his hands. The diagnosis was almost instant: autism.…

Die Desinformationskampagne zur Abtreibung

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Zuerst verbieten sie die Abtreibung. Als Nächstes wird ein Verbot der Empfängnisverhütung folgen. Dann ein Verbot der gleichgeschlechtlichen und sogar der gemischtrassigen Ehe. Bald werden wir alle in "The Handmaid's Tale" leben.…

«Wir Menschen können uns täuschen»

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The Obama-Biden Virus Response - WSJ

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Is it reasonable to blame a single politician for the spread of a highly infectious virus, especially in a free country with 50 states and 330 million people? Joe Biden is lucky that wasn’t the standard a decade ago.…

Woodward’s Non-Revelation - WSJ

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The books professing dark revelations about President Trump appear to be lined up from here to Election Day, like aircraft heading into LaGuardia. This week it’s Bob Woodward’s turn, with the big news reportedly being that Mr. Trump told him in a taped conversation on Feb.…

Did Trump Downplay Covid Enough? - WSJ

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Thank goodness President Trump resisted the most panicked authoritarian responses to Covid-19 imposed by some U.S. governors. But he’s now facing questions over a Feb. 7 interview, included in a new Bob Woodward book, in which Mr. Trump said that Covid was deadlier than the flu.…

The Left’s Covid Memory Hole - WSJ

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Last week’s Democratic convention sought to make four points: Joe Biden is a decent man, Donald Trump is horrible, the president bungled the pandemic and Mr. Biden would have handled it better because he grasped the threat from the start.…

The Treatment That Could Crush Covid - WSJ

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More than 500 clinical trials are under way world-wide in the race to find an effective treatment for Covid-19. Everybody wants it; nobody has it—yet.…

Cures for Hearing Loss May Be Found in New Drugs

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_For hearing loss, ‘the potential of drug treatments [is] phenomenal,’ says Frank Lin, a professor at Johns Hopkins.…