Hottest Day Ever in Australia Confirmed - Jennifer Marohasy

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The Australian Bureau of Meteorology deleted what was long regarded as the hottest day ever recorded in Australia – Bourke’s 125°F (51.7°C) on the 3rd January 1909.…

Second Film: Ribbons of Coral and a Giant Cod (By Jennifer Marohasy)

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Many of the media headlines that give the impression the Great Barrier Reef is a ruin are based on aerial surveys by one man. The same Terry Hughes who incorrectly claimed the inshore reefs off-Bowen are now mud-flat.…

University Appeal Upheld, Peter Ridd Loses - We all Lose - Jennifer Marohasy

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On 2 May 2018, Professor Peter Ridd was sacked by James Cook University for serious misconduct. It all started when he called-out his colleague Terry Hughes for falsely claiming healthy inshore coral reefs were dead from climate change and deteriorating water quality.…