How China Got Our Kids Hooked on ‘Digital Fentanyl’

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The midterm elections of 2022 were many things—a shocker for Republicans, the possible end of Donald Trump, a win for centrist Democrats. Overlooked is the fact that they were also a big turning point for TikTok, the Chinese social-media platform.…

Jacques Bopp

WSJ: Why Beijing Loves Biden and Paris

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The U.S. officially rejoined the Paris climate accord on Friday to much media and European applause. Our guess is that China is the most pleased because it knows the accord will restrict American energy while Beijing gets a decade-long free ride.…

Jacques Bopp

PATEL: How The COVID-19 Censors Killed The Truth | The Daily Caller

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The oddest part about the effort to stifle debate over COVID-19’s origin is even the experts agree we still don’t know the answer. There is a prevailing theory, but nobody knows precisely where COVID-19 originated.…

Jacques Bopp